About us

Company certified with over 15 years of experience in industrial adhesives, we offer a careful technical support the 24/7 and with such the same goes for our delivery services. We’ve formed alliances with recognizable producers in the United States and internationally, those help us to bring a constant and fast support to you

We handle a training program to keep us up to date with the innovations and technologies of the current market, we also offer those training to the personnel of our clients for the suitable use of our products having in mind their equipment and machinery.


Starboard Trading is a company with 15 years of experience in industrial adhesives which has represented itself by providing excellent customer service and quality products, as well as providing technical assistance to our customers from our team of specialists. The high quality adhesives and paints, as well as the extensive catalog, are factors Starboard Trading brings to increase productivity and profitability of manufacturers around the world.

Some machines, such as Automatam and Flexo and other application systems, require certain production testing under its own field conditions.



Create real solutions for our clients in various sectors of the economy, providing excellent professional service, technical support and distribution of high quality products & environmentally friendly technology.


As a leading company in distribution, we offer quality services and products holding a level of excellence and continuous improvement, exceeding the expectations of our customers at a national and international level.